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Favorite accessories for April showers

Ahh, Spring! The season of blossoming flowers. Of baby birds chirping in the trees. The season of longer days and warmer nights. The season of still being able to enjoy the comfort of your favorite winter coat for another week or so.

It is also the season of chance. Will my boss approve the vacation leave I applied for over summer? Which of my aspirational summer vacation plans will actually go ahead? Will I stick to this (even more aspirational) new diet and exercise regime? Will I wake to the promise of a mild sunshine-filled day, only to be saturated by relentless rainfall as I walk to work just an hour later?

Unfortunately, we at Blunt are not mathematicians and do not know the probability of your summer vacation (and summer bod) dreams coming true - but we CAN guarantee a 100 percent chance it will rain again.

It may seem to contradict the laws of mathematics, but at Blunt we know those chances actually increase in Spring. Especially when you are unprepared and dressed for warmer climes. Don’t worry though, we have put together a handy list of our favorite solutions to staying dry in the most inconvenient of Spring showers.

Blunt umbrellas (bet you didn’t see that coming). Our maths might not be watertight, but our umbrellas sure are. They are also wind resistant, sun-proof and come in convenient compact varieties - try the Metro for an easy addition to your hand bag, backpack or briefcase. We also guarantee each Blunt will last for five years - so you know you’re helping the planet, not just yourself.

Hunter wellingtons. Keep your feet dry (and protect that ankle fake tan) with the trendiest wet weather footwear out there. And, if you’re that way inclined, this addition to your wardrobe can double as a summer festival essential

Rains. Speaking of on-trend rain wear, with this waterproof gear in your wardrobe you’ll be wishing for rain every day. Showcasing the ever-classy Scandinavian minimalist style, the unisex coats use technical fabric and design to block wind and moisture.

Brooks England cycle bags. Are you are a dedicated commuter cyclist who braves the bike no matter the atmospheric conditions? If the answer is yes, please know everyone thinks you’re insane. But also know that you’re going to need to keep your spare clothes nice and dry for when it’s time to step off the pedals, you psycho. Brooks has a range of sophisticated, waterproof bags for whatever the weather can throw at you.