Blunt Umbrella Tracker Umbrella

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Keep track of your umbrella with Tile, the little Bluetooth tracker that is compatible with every BLUNT. Never lose your umbrella again!

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Never leave your umbrella at the local restaurant again. Through our partnership with Tile®, you can securely add a tracking device so you can see exactly where you left your BLUNT.

You might not care if you lose your cheap throwaway—but you’ll definitely be sad if you lose your BLUNT!

“Your very own search party”

The Tile® app connects you to the world’s largest lost-and-found community—where friends and strangers work together to find everything that matters.

This means, if you lose your BLUNT and someone passes nearby with the Tile app, you will be alerted anonymously with the location of your umbrella.

The BLUNT Technology Pocket

Every BLUNT umbrella has a little pocket in one of the tips for inserting a GPS tracking device.

Or maybe a secret message?

Beautiful Umbrellas. Built to Last.

Metro Grandmaster

Metro Grandmaster


Navy Blue compact umbrella side



Yellow curved handle umbrella side


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Red fullsize umbrella side


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Red accent golf umbrella side


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