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Our Story

We make the world’s best umbrellas so you love every moment in the rain.

We know how frustrating typical umbrellas can be. Poor design and quality make most umbrellas susceptible to failure within months. With over one billion umbrellas ending up in the landfill every year, typical umbrellas are a significant burden on our planet. At Blunt, we believe you shouldn’t be limited to choosing a disposable umbrella.

Developed in New Zealand, Blunt’s revolutionary umbrella design guarantees years of reliable performance. Our fully tensioned umbrella canopies withstand winds of 88 kph/55 mph, and our quality is obvious every time you open and close your umbrella. A Blunt umbrella enhances your experience outside, letting you make the most of the next rainy day.


Meet the Founder
Greig Brebner

"I wanted to create something that would make people’s lives better. Something that would stand the test of time, and as any inventors have done in the past, find the answer to a puzzle. My greatest inspiration when I was a child was growing up in Dad’s shed and watching him create amazing things from basic materials. I remember how excited I was when I saw an inventor that had created something meaningful, that could go out to the world in scale and would help people in some way.

I remember walking down Regent St in London on a busy, rainy day, dodging umbrellas, and noticing how poor they were. Here was a product that had been around for over 150 years and hadn’t fundamentally evolved since inception. It wasn’t delivering the experience that I saw in my head that it could. I became obsessed to an unhealthy level with imagining this perfect umbrella."


every detail considered

We believe the world needs better products that equally benefit your experience,
and are a sustainable choice without compromise.

Made for life

Resisting the throw-away is part of our fabric and this is reflected in everything we do, from our umbrellas to our packaging. BLUNT Umbrellas are built for life.


Made for extremes

With our aerodynamic canopy, we ensure that BLUNT Umbrellas have been tested in all conditions - including winds up to 115kmh so you're protected in any situation.


Made for innovation

The patented BLUNT tips open like miniature umbrellas within pockets at the canopy edge performing multiple purposes giving the BLUNT umbrella it’s superior performance.


unparalleled performance

Iconic style

A BLUNT umbrella is as much a fashion accessory as a high performing product. With our unique patented style, shape and a pop of colour, you will always stand out no matter the weather - turning heads while keeping yours dry.


Performance in strength

Strength comes from simplicity in design. We use materials smarter by exploiting their mechanical property potential, making every component do at least two jobs. Not only does this give extra strength to the umbrella, but also ensures it links back to our purpose of making the ordinary extraordinary.



Sustainability isn't just a buzz word, it's part of our fabric and it's reflected through the way we design everything we do. The traditional umbrella is a mass-produced product built to fail. There are enough cheap umbrellas littering the streets and rubbish bins after rain, so we decided to do something about it - build umbrellas designed to last.