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your BLUNT is made to last

  • Every Blunt™ Umbrella undergoes a 38-point quality control check and comes with a two-year global
  • warranty. But here are some things you can do to make sure your Blunt™ ages gracefully.

handy tip #1

  • Blunt™ umbrellas feature high-performance, highly tensioned canopies. To ease the opening
  • process of your new Blunt™, leave it open overnight when you first buy it.

handy tip #2

  • To maintain that easy-open action, wipe the shaft clean from time to time and rub a very light
  • layer of petroleum jelly, or 'Vaseline', onto it. (We don't mean for it to sound so dodgy, honest.

handy tip #3

Rid the canopy of bird poo and rain marks by cleaning it with a damp cloth or soft brush

handy tip #4

Avoid dragging the canopy edge along the ground as this might damage it.

handy tip #5

  • The Blunt™ Tips follow a robust design, but if one does become detached by accident, just push it
  • back into place.


  • At Blunt™ we’re focused on leading change when it comes to the environment. Our mission is to
  • promote the everyday use of reusable products which means we try to repair our products before
  • we replace them.
  • Every Blunt™ Umbrella comes with a two-year global warranty so if you think your Blunt™ needs repairing
  • please contact us at or fill in the for below.

We'll get your Blunt™ back in tip-top shape ready to go out into the weather with you again!

  • If it’s an easy fix and you’re keen to roll up your sleeves, we can send you some new parts
  • to fix your Blunt™ yourself using our how-to videos on our repairs page.