Blunt Lite + UV Umbrella


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Lightweight and all-weather, this one shelters you come rain, hail or shine.

With its special opaque canopy fabric, it blocks 99.99% of the sunlight and more than 99% of the ultra-violet light. 

And its e-Dry™ water repellent quick-dry coating means with a quick flick and a shake, the umbrella is instantly dry again.

5 year global warranty

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closed length

30 in

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open diameter

41 in

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1.00 lbs

wind-tested to

55 mph

Patented Innovation

BLUNT’s unique Radial Tensioning System (RTS) redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout the entire canopy surface.

The edges also prevent you from poking the eyes of others walking down the street!

Wind Resistant

From wind tunnels to the mountain tops of New Zealand we have tested our umbrellas to their limits to ensure they can withstand any weather you throw at them.

With an umbrella built to fend off the worst of weather, gone are the days of drenched clothes and wasted money!

5-Year Warranty

We take the quality of our products seriously. We guarantee every umbrella for 5 years against manufacturing defects—no matter where in the world you bought it!

Blunt umbrellas are built to last. Resist the throwaway culture!

Beautifully Simple

The unique blunted design of the Lite creates an eye catching umbrella you will be proud to use.

*The Lite + UV does not come with a Tech Pocket for Tile Mate

The Lite+ will turn heads!

Functionally Designed

The Lite is lightweight and sturdy and with a curved handle the Lite allows for easy use when your hands are full. Just use the hook on your arm and carry on with your business.

Never put your umbrella on the floor again!

Beautiful Umbrellas. Built to Last.

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