Introducing the BLUNT Tempus

Oct 11, 2023 | Product

The pinnacle of the BLUNT design journey, the Tempus honours BLUNT's design evolution and founder Greig Brebner's journey over the years.

The new Tempus embodies the epitome of BLUNT’s excellence. It stands as a limited edition masterpiece, with only 1,000 individually numbered umbrellas released, destined to be secured for life by those who appreciate design and engineering excellence. 

Expressed without limitations, the Tempus honours BLUNT's design evolution and founder Greig Brebner's journey over the years.  

"Tempus is our ultimate expression of what it means to offer a timeless umbrella experience."

"We wanted to create a piece that wasn’t restricted by convention, yet still respected the classic design.” says Greig Brebner.

“The inspiration came from the watch industry and the concept of a watch being a personal life tool you would hand down through the generations, ultimately becoming an heirloom.”

Effortless connectivity between the individually crafted components of the Tempus showcases the dedication of the design and sets the bar high.

“The construction of the Tempus takes our modular design philosophy to a new level with our new frame connection system. This enhances the serviceability of the product so the Tempus can in turn service you for generations.”

“The presentation of the product was very important to us, the detail of the custom designed packaging and communications really set the tone of the ownership experience."

“As with all BLUNT product experiences, the emotional connection between the product and owner is paramount, taking the BLUNT full sensory experience to a new level from the visual to the tactile.”

Quote by|Greig Brebner

Materials were vital in this project and the use of carbon fibre for the frame and shaft stood out as the optimal choice. In addition to its high performance qualities, the use of carbon as a base element speaks to the fundamental timelessness of the Tempus.

The component detailing of the product was inspired by the luxury car industry with all touch points well considered, from the brushed aluminium handle to the carbon graphene molecular structure inspired pattern on the canopy.

A unique textile weave gives the canopy soft touch properties that compliment the BLUNT radial tensioning system for the structural and aerodynamic qualities of the umbrella. The Tempus canopy has also been embedded with an additional layer of UV protection to allow for year round use. 

The performance of the Tempus in the elements sets a new bar. The optimally weighted handle combined with the tuned carbon frame and highly tensioned aerodynamic canopy provide a beautifully balanced user experience.

Tempus, Latin for time, promises to bestow upon the owner years of both joy and unwavering confidence, backed by an enduring lifetime warranty.

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