Designed for forever

Restless and adventurous, unbound by convention.

We come from a long line of entrepreneurial Kiwis shaped by our unique place, Aotearoa New Zealand, who have an edge that can only come from the edge of the world. Where distance and separation push self-sufficiency and a new way of thinking. It’s a DNA that pushes us to brave new ways.

Where it all began

Greig Brebner, our founder and constantly curious character, grew up with his dad’s workshop as his playground – the perfect stage to bring his ideas to life.
Greig dreamed of creating a ground-breaking product, the very best of its kind with genuine purpose and heart, that people would grow to love. The idea came to him on the rainy streets of London where he found himself adrift amongst a sea of umbrellas, difficult to navigate through and a source of great frustration for many.

People who think different, make different.

At BLUNT, we’re building a connection of people across the globe. Our tribe of the bold and empowered, who see it different and make it different.

Our people have a united sense of identity that is fed by belonging, a higher purpose, shared beliefs and a deep connection.
Our Values

Lead with aroha

Aroha is the love we put into everything we do - it's the passion and compassion we bring that people look to and love us for.

Be vulnerable

If we're brave enough to make mistakes, and open to change, we'll be bold enough to grow and go further.

Think laterally

When we lean into our unique heritage of innovation, we create uniquely kiwi things.

Make it timeless

Make the most of what we have, create things that leave the world in a better place, make it last a lifetime.

Build your legacy

We all play a part in looking to our past to inspire a future that will endure beyond us, and always be a part of us.

Deep connection

People connected to people - to each other, to our community, to ourselves. For the love of what we can achieve as one.

Our Design Philosophy

Collaboration gallery

We partner with artists and brands around the globe to celebrate creativity, reach new tribe members and support great community causes.

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